Blago Just Outed Barack Obama – Accuses Barry Of Sending The ‘Middleman’ That That Led To His Imprisonment

Not that long ago, Donald Trump made headlines by releasing Rod Blagojevich from prison.

You might remember him as the former Governor of Illinois who was charged for trying to “sell” Obama’s former Senate seat.

It seems odd that Trump would pardon that kind of guy, right? After all, Blago was a Democrat. And the Feds had audio of him discussing the deal.

But now that Blago’s a free man, he’s calling himself a “Trumpocrat.” And it looks like he’s going after his old boss with some hefty charges.

Just check out what he said about Obama.

From Twitter:

An unapologetic Rod Blagojevich appears on Fox News while Jesse Watters peppers him with questions attempting to implicate Barack Obama

Wow. Rod Blagojevich stated that it was Obama who started the conversation about filling his old seat. In fact, Blago says it was Obama who sent the middleman the night of his election.

We were led to believe that Blago went behind Obama’s back to cash in on this deal. According to Blago, it was a routine “horse-trading” action that goes on all the time.

He even says the courts overruled his original charges to that effect.

If all that is true, it’s a bombshell. Blago was serving hard time in jail over what might not have even been a crime.

He was in there for over ten years, because of something that Obama himself might have asked him, he claims.

Hmm… maybe that’s why Trump released him. He thought the man was given a raw deal, treated unfairly, and then sent away to rot in jail.

President Trump is nothing if he’s not fair. We’ve seen him show compassion and kindness to people from all walks of life.

Republican. Democrat. You name it, he’s willing to help someone in need.

But if you are a jerk, who refuses to work with him, and goes out of your way to lie about him, look out. Trump’s not your friend.

Makes me want to make sure I’m on his good right, you know what I mean?

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H/T: Patriot Journal

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